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How it Works

Short- and Long-Term Rentals

Apartments in NYC rent fast, so it's best to prepare beforehand to get ahead of the game

Many real estate agents working for the landlords won't show apartments unless some or all of these criteria are in place. 

We will also need to have: ​

  • Photo id (driver’s license or passport) ​

  • Letter of employment (employee in good standing, work period, yearly income - should be that same as tax return) 

  • Independent credit report. 

  • Landlords are usually looking for a score of 700 or over.  If they make an issue of the credit score, you may need someone to co-sign. 

  • Last 2 pay stubs 

  • Last 3 bank statements 

  • Tax returns of last 2 years 

  • Last two W-2 forms  

  • Any other assets (stocks, real estate, etc...) 

  • Recommendation from previous landlords 

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